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Axeon Recess - Commercial Recessed Luminaires  - Wipro Lighting
Axeon Recess - Commercial Recessed Luminaires  - Wipro Lighting
Recessed Luminaires

Axeon Recess

LM 34

Linear Lighting solution for contemporary workspaces. Extruded aluminium Housing with High Transmittivity HET Diffuser. High transmittivity HET diffuser for standalone and seamless end to end connectivity. Available in 4 feet and 8 feet variants.

Best Suited for

  • Office
  • Banks
  • Conference Room
  • Green Building
  • Reception Area


State-of-the-art lighting solutions with best-in-class features.


Fine Engineering

Thoughtful design of the end caps, gives the product a clean finish. With the absence of the screws in the end caps, the product gets a seamless appearance and looks even more stunning.

Uniform Illumination

Special High Efficiency Translucence (HET) diffuser provides wide and uniform light distribution across horizontal and vertical surfaces enhancing the beauty of the Environment.

Up-Down Lighting

Separate upward and downward light component in the luminaire helps in distributing light uniformly. 33% up & 66% downward light distribution gives a spacious and distinctive look to the workspaces.


Excellent luminaire design along with low power, high efficacy LEDs contribute to 50% energy savings. It also addresses the need of good quality lighting and long life for the luminaire.

  • White powder coated finish extruded aluminium housing
  • Special translucent satin finish color LED PMMA diffuser
  • Low power, high-efficacy long-life LEDs
  • Excellent heat dissipation through direct contact
  • LED driver duly wired up to terminal block
  • Luminaires are suitable for standalone and continuous installation
  • Provision for loop in loop out for ease of wiring
  • Conforms to IS 10322 part 5/ Sec 12012
  • In-built electronic LED driver
  • Complete with LEDs and drivers pre-wired up to terminal block to connect in coming power
  • 3way 10Amps GFP mains connector
Cat No. System Wattage (W) Rated Voltage (V) Mains Current (A) Approx Weight (Kg) Case Lot (Nos)
LM34-251XXX-57RMG1 20 240 0.09 2.8 1
LM34-251XX-57RMCG1 20 240 0.09 2.8 1
LM34-401XXX-57RMG1 30 240 0.13 4.2 1
LM34-401XX-57RMCG1 30 240 0.13 4.2 1
LM34-501XXX-57RMG1 40 240 0.18 5.6 1
LM34-501XX-57RMCG1 40 240 0.18 5.6 1
LM34-801XXX-57RMG1 60 240 0.26 5.6 1
LM34-801XX-57RMCG1 60 240 0.26 5.6 1
LED is an ever-improving and evolving technology. Wipro is committed to bringing you the best in LED technology. Data given is representative and can change. *57 represents 5700K. Replace 57 with 40 for 4000K. Please order suspension separately. Order product code with CT for end-to-end installation.

Suspension system with quick onsite adjustment:

  • LMX 341 suitable for installation on RCC ceiling
  • LMX 342 suitable for installation on modular grid Prelude 24mm ceiling system
  • LMX 343 suitable for installation on modular grid Silhouette 15mm ceiling system

Axeon Recess Brochure


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