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Recessed Luminaires

Opus LED

LM 38

OpusLED is progressive and modern in design with unique spherical drop down diffuser and surrounding light chamber. It subtly introduces a circular geometry and blends into the ceiling, making the environment cheerful and vibrant. It comes with the verstile lighting modes:direct, indirect and direct-indirect to suit different customer needs.

Best Suited for

  • Office
  • Banks
  • Conference Room
  • Lecture Hall


State-of-the-art lighting solutions with best-in-class features.



Unique design profile allows direct & indirect lighting with individual controls.

Enhanced Performance

Excellent engineering with proper thermal management ensures long service life and superior performance

Uniform Lighting

High Efficiency Translucent (HET) PMMA diffuser leads to uniform distribution of light enhancing visual comfort.

  • Recess mounted direct-indirect, LED luminaire with uniform light distribution
  • White color powder coated deep drawn housing
  • Unique floating spherical High Efficiency Translucent (HET)
  • PMMA diffuser for direct light
  • Introduces a circular geometry into the ceiling plane for visual interest
  • Surrounding circular light chamber, containing PMMA diffuser for indirect light
  • High efficiency LEDs
  • Constant Current Constant Voltage external driver with efficiency of minimum 85 %
Cat No. Power (W) ± 5% Rated Voltage (V) Mains Current (Amp) Approx. Weight (Kg) Case Lot (Nos)
LM38-361-XXX-57-XX 28 240 0.14 3.2 2
LM38-461-XXX-57-XX 34 240 0.15 3.8 2
LM38-461-XXX-4057 34 240 0.15 3.8 2

. *57 represents 5700K. Replace 57 with 40 for 4000K
LED is an ever improving and evolving technology. Wipro is committed to bring you the best in LED technology. Data given is representative and can change

  • Designed for installation with four nos. of steel hook-up wire.
  • Suitable for Armstrong/ CRG/ TRAC/ USG/ Celotex modular ceiling system.
  • For Gypsum / POP applications additional frame (Part No: 9180P01089) needs to be ordered separately.

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Opus Led

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