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Smart Outdoor LED Lighting Smart Outdoor LED Lighting

Smart Outdoors

Safety, Security and Surveillance
Wipro’s positioning in Smart cities and outdoors
Optimize Energy
Optimize Traffic
Smart City
Connectivity and Smart Lighting
Ensuring public comfort & security at all times
Internet of things
Internet of Things (IoT)
Best-in-class LED lighting solutions that use Internet of Things (IoT) to make the lighting system a part of the digital ecosystem in the city.
Enhance Safety
Enhanced Safety
Smart LED lighting with alarms and alerts from the connected lighting system that lead to enhanced safety and security.
Transforming Environments
Transforming Environments
Intelligent LED lighting solutions that address public needs and create a unique user experience.
System Maintenance
System Maintenance
Proactive maintenance of faulty luminaires to ensure that the areas around you are always well-lit.
Optimized Management
Optimized Management
State-of-the-art LED lighting solutions with point-to-point, remote lighting control, facilitating optimized management.
  • Internet of things
  • Enhance Safety
  • Transforming Environments
  • System Maintenance
  • Optimized Management
Smart Pole
Key element of Smart & Connected Outdoors

Smart, connected lighting solutions offering enhanced user experience for citizens.

State-of-the-art LED luminaires with best-in-class features.

Lighting Poles providing smart facility with smart screens for ads to optimum utilization of space and make the cities look neater.

Smart lighting solutions equipped with speakers for tourist announcements.

Energy-efficient lighting solutions offering high-efficiency and uniform light distribution.

Enhanced safety features decreasing the risk of threats or accidents.

State-of-the-art lighting solutions offering weather & pollution sensing and monitoring.

Accurately detecting the CO2 concentration levels to prevent you from any health hazards.

Enabling the charging of your battery operated vehicles on-the-go.

Energy Management System
Energy-efficient lighting solutions with automatic ON/OFF/dimming of lights based on location, sunset and sunrise
1620 Lumens
3240 Lumens
0 Lumens
How smart outdoors work?
Luminaire Level ON / OFF / Dimming
Our Associates for Smart Outdoors
Intelligent lighting control system
Maximum 200 Nos. of Nodes
(Control Points) per Gateway
Maximum 700 Nos. of Nodes
(Control Points) per Gateway
Maximum 5000 Nos. of Nodes
(Control Points) per Gateway